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The Story of American Kitchen Concepts

In January 1993, after working for the largest Home Improvement company in the nation (Sears) for eight years, they closed their Home Improvement division down. I was ranked 4th in sales at the time out of 5,000 salespeople.

I started American Kitchen Concepts in Feb 1993. Working for Sears helped me cut my teeth, but I also was able to see the problems of working with a larger company and how the customer gets lost in the process. I didn't particularly appreciate seeing customers being passed along from the initial contact person to salesperson to office staff to order material (I sure hope nothing goes wrong) and then the install team. I love that I get to work directly with my clients from that initial call to concept to completion. You talk about rewarding. It's a very satisfying job to see the process all the way through. Not only have I designed thousands of kitchens, but each one I sell gets installed professionally and to my high standards. I am proud to have over 30+ years of experience discussing install options like removing walls, load-bearing, and non-load-bearing and making my client's dreams come true.

American Kitchen Concepts, Inc.

For the first 15 years, American Kitchen installed kitchens and baths in Washington DC, Montgomery Co, Prince Georges Co, Anne Arundel Co, Howard Co, and more. After 15 years of traveling the beltway, I decided to focus on work in my backyard. Now we specialize in kitchen remodels in Howard County and the surrounding areas. That keeps our installers and myself close to home and close to all our installs which our clients love. Our clients are never more than 30 minutes away, usually just 10-15 minutes. With our focus on just kitchens and a smaller service area, we spent more time improving our systems and installations.

Our dedication to our client has garnered us awards from folks like Angie's List and Houzz. For 12 years straight, American Kitchen Concepts has been awarded Angie's List's "Super Service Award." This award is given out to less than 5% of the companies listed and year after year, and we earn the award. If you want an award-winning service company that is very local and works directly with the owner, well, you have found the right place.

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